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Replacing alloy wheels can be very costly and time consuming. That's why here at R & Restorations we work to repair your alloy wheels saving you time and money. Having over 12 years' experience in the trade, there is no better body shop to go to for alloy wheel repairs. From curb damage to corrosion, we can repair your wheel and refinish it to its former conditions.

Alloy wheel repairs from R & Restorations

At R & Restorations we not only repair your alloy wheels but take care to ensure that they maintain their durability and overall condition so you won't need to get them repaired again anytime soon.

A repair service leaving you with long lasting protection

We are not only experienced with alloy wheel repairs but are also body repair specialists. The quality of our services stands out with every job we do making R & Restorations in Northampton the body shop to go to. From bumper scuffs to a new paint job, wheel repairs to full car restorations, we do it all.

And we offer so much more

To book your car in for its alloy wheel repairs call us today on

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